Area (66 SQ FT)
Photography Studio
Our versatile photography studio designed for photographers, content creators, actors, and dancers. Ideal for professional portraits, product ads, self-tapes, and small rehearsals, our studio is equipped with commercial lighting,

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at feybl
Welcome to our exclusive artist clubhouse membership, where creativity, community, and well-being converge to nurture your artistic journey! As a member, you'll gain access to shared workspaces, creative studio rentals, spa & recovery rooms designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.
At Feybl, you'll find a supportive community that centers the creative's experience, providing the essential tools, space, and network needed to sustain a fulfilling and creative life!
  • 4 FREE room rentals every month!
  • Discounted Studio & Spa rentals
  • FREE equipment rentals (cameras, lights, lenses, mics)
  • Access to Feybl's work spaces from 8am to 2am
  • FREE High-Speed Fiber Internet


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