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Photography Studio
Our versatile photography studio designed for photographers, content creators, actors, and dancers. Ideal for professional portraits, product ads, self-tapes, and small rehearsals, our studio is equipped with commercial lighting,

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You Are Worth Protecting. Welcome to FEYBL Spa – too often as artists we put our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing on hold for our craft. At Feybl, we believe that the best artist is not a suffering one.
Our two wellness rooms are designed to rejuvenate and protect both body and mind with proper recovery.
Host Your Event
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Our clubhouse doubles as an after-hour event space for those interested in hosting their own personal events, perfect for practitioners and industry professionals seeking to hold their own wellness events and workshops! Become a Resident and benefit from discounted rates on both spa rooms and studio rentals, enhancing your ability to provide exceptional experiences for your clients, while optimizing your operational costs, outside of your after-hours events!